Help! How Can I Overcome Temptation?

Almost every day I meet with seamen from different countries in the world. We often have time to talk privately in the crew's mess room or in their cabins, and most of the time the topic of our conversations is temptation. Since there's so little published on the subject, I've made the effort to write something that hopefully will be of help and encouragement to the countless seamen who face struggles on board many international cruises, or cargo or naval ships.

It's not only the Christian seamen who struggle against temptations, seamen from other religions also try to find ways to resist the nasty temptations they are confronted with. I have, therefore, done esearch among seafarers, both men and women, and included some of their views and testimonies in this book in order to make it more personal and practical.

Table of Contents:

Chapter Title Page
- Acknowledgements 9
- Foreword 11
- Introductions 13
SECTION I Fundamentals -
1 Almost Everybody's Talking about Temptation 21
2 What Is Temptation? 28
3 Where Does Temptation Come From? 31
4 Why Are You Tempted? 37
5 Temptations in the Lives of Joseph, King David, Jesus and Judas 42
6 Temptations on a Ship 51
7 The Temptation to Become Rich 61
8 The Unseen Temptation 66
SECTION II Proactive Strategies -
9 Proactive Stance: The Battle in Your Mind 73
10 Proactive Decisions and Active Relationships 81
11 Proactive Spiritual Habits 89
12 Proactive Ship-church Involvement 96
13 How You Can Not Overcome Temptation 110
14 Testimonies of Seamen Who Overcame Temptation 113
SECTION III Realities -
15 Help! I Have Fallen into Temptation 123
16 The Shame Problem 131
17 The Effect of Temptation on Your Family 136
18 The Temptations and Problems of Seafarer's Wives and Children 142
19 What Do Seamen and Their Wives Think about Their Separation? 147
20 Can God Still Use You When You Have Surrendered To Temptation? 153
21 God's Purpose and Calling for Your Life 158
Appendix 1: Salvation Through Jesus Christ 163
Appendix 2: Scripture References for the Words "Tempt" and "Temptations" 169
- Resources 174

Resources from: Seamen's Christian Friend Society
Author: Martin Otto
About The Author: Martin Otto has been in full-time ministry since 1987 reaching out seafarers with the Gospel. He and his wife, Monica, are based in Hamburg, one of the largest ports in the world, where he works in association with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society.

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