Faith At Sea

Did you know what faith is NOT? Author Martin Otto says, "Faith is not a technique that one learns. It is something given to us by the Holy Spirit... We never learned faith when we compare ourselves to others or look to others. Also, faith is not something that we can learn in an instant, once and for all. Faith is something that will challenge us all our lives, and will need to pursue it day after day. We are told to live by faith and not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7).

This book came into being in response to the request of a Filipino seaman whom Martin had met on a ship in Hamburg, and who had read Martin's previous book, Help, How Can I Overcome Temptations? He wrote and encouraged him with these words: "I hope there will be another book like the one I just read to deepen a seaman's faith in God and answer questions we have during times of loneliness when we need guidance..."

It includes the testimonies of a captain whose ship was pirated at open sea and another whose ship was caught at sea between two typhoons.

Table of Contents:

Chapter Title Page
- Acknowledgements 6
- Foreword 8
- Introductions 11
PART I What Faith Is -
1 What is Faith REALLY? 17
2 Is Faith really THAT Important? 35
3 Where Can I Find Faith? 43
4 Saving Faith 50
PART II How To Live By Faith -
5 Prayer for Faith 61
6 Faith—A Gift of God 67
7 God is Faithful and So are His Promises 74
8 Jesus— Our Great Example of Faith 82
9 People of the Bible Who had Faith 89
10 The Ways To Learn Faith 99
11 Faith In Times of Problems, Temptations and Difficulties 105
12 Things that Disturbs and Hinder Faith 117
13 The Rewards and Blessings of Faith 123
14 Accepted—Welcomed—Made Right by Faith 129
15 How Can I Deepen My Faith? 136
16 Strengthening Faith Through Service 143
PART III Theological and Philosophical Issues -
17 The Difference Between Faith and Religion 155
18 Faith vs Feeling 163
19 Faith vs Natural Reasoning 171
20 Faith vs Doubt 181
Appendix Man's Problem: Separation From God 187
- Notes 194

Resources from: Seamen's Christian Friend Society
Author: Martin Otto
About The Author: Martin Otto has been in full-time ministry since 1987 reaching out seafarers with the Gospel. He and his wife, Monica, are based in Hamburg, one of the largest ports in the world, where he works in association with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society.

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