The Seafarer's Mind

"The Seafarer's Mind is a wonderful resource for seafarers. The book is rich in narrative and cse studies and covers a wide range of issues and challenges facing sailors on the high seas. A hard hitting account whick unpacks the realities of a modern version of indentired labour, the author provides hope in the often harsh world of seafaring. This is a practical guyide to living in isolationg and confined situationswhere temptations abound and moral compasses are often abandoned.

Martin Otto is the world's leader in serving seafarers through his international mission work. He is to be commended for being God's advocate in such an insightful, humble and practical manner. This book will become a widely read text and is sure to become a key reference for all seafarers seeking to live a Godly lfe in an often harsh and unforgiving environment. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Professor Ross Dowling AM
Global Cruise Ship Lecturer
Perth, Australia

Table of Contents:

Chapter Title Page
- Introduction 7
- Acknowldgements 11
- Endorsements 13
- Foreword 19
1 I'm finally a seaman! 23
2 What is home? where is home? 29
3 This loneliness is driving me crazy 35
4 Am I stuck in a trap? 41
5 Seafarer's fears and worries 47
6 What is the goal or purpose of my life? 51
7 Will there ever be an end to the temptations? 55
8 How can I be a good husband? How can I take care of my family? 69
9 What kind of legacy can I leave for my children? 73
10 Will I ever have enough time for my children? 77
11 What do my children think about me? 85
12 What is necessary to be a good father? 91
13 Which religion is the right one? 99
14 Where can I find solutions? 103
15 People who have found the answer 107
- Appendix 1 117
- Appendix 2 123

Resources from: Seamen's Christian Friend Society
Author: Martin Otto
About The Author: Martin Otto has been in full-time ministry since 1987 reaching out seafarers with the Gospel. He and his wife, Monica, are based in Hamburg, one of the largest ports in the world, where he works in association with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society.

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