Grace For The Weak

GRACE FOR THE WEAK Is a Bible Study Correspondence Course for people who have already accepted Jesus Christ. It is written for those who have received him as their personal Lord and Saviour, who know that they are God’s children, but are not satisfied with their Christian life any more.

• Maybe you are disappointed with yourself because of your weakness to resist temptations and you doubt if God still forgives you.
• Maybe your faith is weak and could be compared to a wave on the ocean, driv-en by the wind.
• Maybe you can’t understand why you have to face strong trials.
• Maybe joy and peace that you once experienced in your heart are almost gone. Instead you feel restless, guilty, sad, and without peace.

If you once made a good start with Jesus, but your spiritual life is down now be-cause of sin, then you should go ahead and study this course. You will discover God’s solution for your problems. But also when your spiritual life is all right, this book could help to get a deeper understanding about the nature of God’s GRACE.

Table of Contents:

Chapter Title Page
1 The Struggles of Jim, The Sailor 01
2 How George, The Robber, Was Released 07
3 Diesel To Drink 13
4 The Bad Boy 20
5 The Knife 27
6 How Bob Learn To Lie 33
7 Storm In The Biscay 39
8 The Cold Night In Sweden 45
9 The Angry Kick At The Door 50
10 A Girl In Jim's Cabin 57
11 The Trick Of The Devil 63
12 "Garbage - Jim" 68

Resources from: Seamen's Christian Friend Society
Author: Volker Lamaack
About The Author: Volker Lamaack has been in the ministry for seafarers since 1991. He and his wife, Doris, are based in Hamburg, one of the largest ports in the world, where he works in association with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society. They have three children.

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