Admitted Graciously


Genesis 27-36


In the patriarchal age from Genesis, the 3rd chief is Jacob. His life was not always graceful, but it was general, like having worldly desires. When he was born, he came out from his mother womb grabbing his brother leg, and he has stolen the birthright from his brother Esau with scheme. Even while he stays at Paddan Aram for 20 years, he was not good for his uncle and he was deceived life as well. As he get marry with his uncle's daughters and producing property unfairly. So his life seems untrustworthy, and it looks like that Jacob pursued the blessing and authority in the world always.  Through studying Jacob's life, I found that there is a significant message from God. That even though we are such kind of a person, God will save us. In the book of Isaiah 41:14, God says, "fear not, you worm Jacob, you men of Israel!, I will help you, Says the Lord and your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel." The Bible's description of Jacob is like 'worm', it means he is unholy and not humble before God, but worldly and desirable like us. However, even with Jacob, God would like to keep His promise since it has been made with Abraham to help His descendant for His Kingdom. There is clear to be saved, because Jacob was descendant of Abraham and God had promised even though Jacob did not have a good life and holy.

 Now, I have question for you, First how can we be a descendant of Abraham? and even if we are Christian who accept Jesus Christ as personal Christ and Lord, can we do such kind of deceitful or untrustworthy life in the world?