Illustration Of God's Salvation

Read: Exodus 25-31


The book of Exodus focuses on describing three important things: the covenant that God himself made for His people,  Him giving the law on how to relate with Him, and the last is His tabernacle. When we read the book of Exodus Ch. 25-31 (regarding the story of Tabernacle), it seems to be boring and is difficult to exactly understand. However, the Tabernacle is very meaningful to us. Firstly, our Lord gave the Ten commandment to the Israelites, in order for them to realize how sinner they are while they reflect on the commandments, after that He gave this Tabernacle, of which people can saved through the forgiveness/atonement rites. Therefore, Tabernacle is a "grace passage" to all people who fall short in their relationship to God, and suffers severely due to sin, in order to come back to God.

 Therefore, the Tabernacle is a place, wherein people can be forgiven of their sins  prior to the arrival of Jesus who will come to the world as a sacrifice. There was no way for them to be  forgiven of their iniquities except through the Tabernacle at that time. However nowadays, we get the new grace passage to be saved through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ told us that He is the new way, Truth, new life, apart from Him, there is no one who could come to God"(John 14:6)

 The Tabernacle is a model of salvation in the Old Testament. "There, above the cover between  the two cherubim that are over the ark of the Testimony, I will meet with you and give you all my commands for the Israelites." (Exodus 25:22) The Lord's presence at the Tabernacle has allowed people to meet Him at that place. Therefore, just as the people before would proceed to the Tabernacle in order to be forgiven of their sins so as to be saved, those who are living in this generation, those who would like to be saved, they should proceed to Jesus Christ.