Pursue Purity


Genesis 37-41


In the patriarchal age from Genesis, the last chief is Joseph. We should think of what would the Bible like to express specific teaching through Joseph who was illustrated,and the longest part of the book of Genesis. Gradually, Joseph was with God, therefore he was successful man. Through the story of Joseph, Bible teaches us that people who is with God, he will never fail even if he encounter many suffering. The question is, who is the successful man? And the answer is the one who the Lord is with him. 'The Lord was with him, and whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper.'(Gen. 39:23)  The most blessing is that they are successful of whatever they do. Then, we have one more question, how can we be with God and be successful in whatever we do?

 The Joseph story started at Genesis 37, but the chapter 38 is story of Tamar, and the story of Joseph restarted at Genesis chapter 39. Suddenly, Bible says this word without any of illustration, 'The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful.'(Gen. 39:2), That is why it is very hard to know why God let Joseph to be a successful man. It needs to look out careful reading from chapter 37 on first verse which was started the story of Joseph, and read 37:1-11. then we can search this '......Joseph brought a bad report of them to his father.(Gen 37:2). It means that Joseph did not follow his brother's wrong activity or attitude, thus he lived a distinguished life even he lived in Canaan. Moreover, Joseph seems to live consecrated life in God. If we would like to be a successful man like Joseph, we need to be purified life first of all. Even if our circumstance is around sinful and deceived society, we should struggle to be holy in sight of God. Then we can expect God's grace in our life

Photo by: Rifqi Ramadhan