A Generation For God

Read: Numbers 27-36

In this assigned chapter, there is an instruction for the new generation of Israelites(Ch.27-30).

All of the men over 20 years of age who came from Egypt already died because of their rebellion against God.

And so, the Lord gave instructions to the new generation, through Moses, on how to again serve God.

The purposes why God is bringing the Israelites from Egypt is that:

1. To keep His covenant with Abraham to make him a great nation that is of God.

2. To make His holy nation, which distinguishes itself from a sinful world,

3. To set a Priestly nation in order to bring back all men who had left away from God.

Therefore, it is important for the Israelites to be clean from any secular customs and cultures.

The same is true for all of us who already accepted Jesus as our Christ and Lord of our lives- we have to realize what we should do according to God's will.

As of now, I have a question to all of you:

Did the Israelites who died on the desert got saved or not?

On any answer, please give your reason.

Photo by: Min An