Divine Command Of Holiness

Read: Numbers 1-10

The book of Numbers describes the "How's" and "What's" of godly living: What it means to be a people of God, a holy nation, a "priesthood" nation, and to be a people who have been saved from death.

There are two commands all throughout chapters 1-10:

The first command is found on Ch. 1-4:

A.)The numbers of men from each tribe mustered for war(Ch. 1),

B.)The placement of the tribes around the tabernacle and their order (Ch.2),

C.)The placement of the Levites around the tabernacle, the numbers of the Levites and the firstborns of Israel (ch,3), and the numbers of the Levites in their tabernacle service for the Lord (Ch.4).

(Quoted from Zondervan)

These chapters are set toward God on the Israelites' life (their doing and in their going), as well as how they are to serve God in holiness.

The second command is found on ch. 5-10:

A.) The test for purity in the law of jealousy(ch.5),

B.) The Nazirite vow and the Aaronic benediction (ch.6),

C.) The offerings of the 12 leaders at the dedication of the tabernacle (ch.7),

D.) The setting up of the lamps and the separation of the Levites (ch.8),

E.) The observance of the Passover(ch.9:1-14),

F.) The covering cloud and the silver trumpets (9:15-10:10). (quoted from Zondervan)

It teaches us how to be a holy nation, living as a people of God, and the importance of being in the priesthood of God.