"God's Heart Is What We Seek"

Read: Numbers 11-20

In Chapters 11-12, it shows the Israelites' journey from Sinai to Kadesh. And here is a story of the Israelites' rebellion, starting from the 12 spies that gave a mixed report to the people (Ch. 13). Also, there was a rebellion of the people against God's Anointed Leaders (Ch. 14), a rebellion of Korah, and his allies (Ch.16). 

However, our Lord showed forgiveness by showing the budding of Aaron's staff (Ch.17), although the Israelites have rebelled against Him.

Moreover, God taught them how they are to serve as Priests and as well as their duties (Ch18). He also gave them again the ritual for purification (Ch19). Lastly, we can read here the fault of Moses before God (Ch.20).

There are two significant issues that are here:

First is the 12 spies' mixed report.

The report of the 10 of the spies was correct and was practical in the sight of man.

However, the report of Joshua and Caleb, although invisible and uncertain (in a way), was based on putting the peoples' faith in God.

We are often confronted with this kind of situation.

But what we have to know is that we are children of God who always trust in our father's voice, not other's father's teaching.

Even if our reality makes it hard to follow our Father's way, we are people (fully confident) in His sovereignty and being a part of His holy nation.

The second is the failure of Moses (Ch 20).

He did not correctly obey God's order to bring water for the people from the rock, but he just misused God's teaching, based on his view, in order to show his ability to the Israelites who were rebelling to God.

Sometimes, although we are following the way of Christ, we are doing those works faithfully due to our desire or personal intentions without really asking God and not praying unto Him.

The result of this will bring unhappiness to our life.

Especially to those who are leaders among us

To this, you have to listen carefully.

Photo by: Ethan Sees