Life Pleasing To God

Read: Leviticus 16-20

 The main themes for the book of Leviticus are Holiness and Purity. In order to live with God, His people must be holy, thus they had to be distinct from the world (with regards to food, customs on sinful character, literature mixed with gods of the world). The book of Leviticus is a main book in the Old Testament, as it teaches on how people should live, knowing that they are a chosen people whom He saved from Egypt in order to be His own, making them a distinct nation (a Kingdom of God on earth):

1. That the people obey and practice God's word in their lives.

2. Overcoming sinful desires, laziness, and lust (all of which are embedded in the human nature)

3. The making of a healthy man, family, and society

4. Achieving the original mission that God has given to man (to rule the whole world with justice and righteousness)

5. That people are to love God and their neighbors. 

Now as we read Ch. 16-20, let's find out what God wants for us nowadays.

Photo by: Jaime Legaspino