Significance Of Rites

Read: Leviticus 1-7


The book of Leviticus is described as a fellowship between a sinner and a Holy God through various laws, rites, and regulations. When we read the book of Leviticus, we may find it to be a boring book. However, the book of Leviticus is very important in order to understand God's heart for us- what He likes and what He does not . Though there are a lot of rites that's being introduced, each of these rites has a specific meaning for us. We focus reading the Bible in view of the Kingdom of God; afterwards, God rescued the Israelites out from Egypt, and now He is giving a law that they have to keep in order for them to maintain a good relationship with God. The Lord has allowed them to come to Him through these rites, He gave a way for them to be forgiven of their uncleanness and their sinful desires. The first stage shows the five main offerings on Ch. 1-7. Let's read these chapters and see how the Israelites and us as well might proceed to God through these rites.

These are the kinds of offering rites which concerns with the New Testament as well:
1. Burnt offerings: a rite to offer one's self unto God as living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1)
2. Grain offerings: a rite which includes fine flour, which symbolizes that Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:35)
3. Peace offering: symbolizes that Jesus is the one who makes peace between God and man (Eph.2:14-16)
4. Sin offering: it's a mandatory atonement for a specific sin and the forgiveness of sin. This symbolizes Jesus's redemption through His atonement death. (Hew. 9:28)
5. Guilt offering: this is a mandatory atonement for unintentional sin requiring restitution, cleansing from any defilement. This also means that Jesus redeemed our transgression instead of us, ourselves.(Eph.5:5)

Photo by: Jaime Legaspino