The Waiting Christian

I do have those days when I feel like I want to hasten time itself for us to cross roads, but I know you are still taking your time. Uncertainty lingers, but you know what? There is this gentle voice deep within my head telling me, “Son, she’s worth the wait”.
I pray for your safety and happiness, and I hope you pray for me as well. Last time I asked God, He told me you’re quite a dazzler. I am deeply amazed by that drive that keeps you patient. Surely, it is very easy to give in to temptation, we are already mature enough to think and do stuffs most adults are doing yet there you are, choosing to stay as pure as a rosebud. I am also doing my best. I am enamored with travelling and I am planning to meet more people. I want to learn more about myself and what my true purpose is.

I have plans to teach and impart the knowledge I’ve gained from my profession. Little by little, I will thrive to go up and eventually have those 4 golden stripes on my shoulders. I hope you are also doing fine with your career. I’ve always foreseen you as a successful and happy woman, and I wish you truly are. 

I want you to be pleased and be contented by the time we cross paths, to feel God’s blessing every single day as you walk in faith with me and to learn that every day is a gift, every instance is a gift, every person you will encounter is a gift, You, yourself, are a gift.
Let me tell you something, I thought being alone was pure punishment. I once saw getting in touch with other people will satiate my longing for affection. Little did I know that it just drowns people with expectation and utter disappointment.

It took me some time, hard times actually. But as the clock ticks, I did become wiser. Life should not be based on how other people perceive the meaning of true happiness. You might see them pleased having partners, but it will always not work that way.
Love is not only given to other people. It should also be given to yourself. So let us keep seeking what ever it is that will fill the void within us as we let God work His ways in making the best love story for us both. I prayed for you, I am praying for you, and as long as God spins that thread that intertwines our fate, I will be praying.
I am waiting. Please wait for me too.