Decisions and Deceptions

Read: 2 Chronicles 18

This is what we often get from others whenever they would commend us. Whenever they see we wear something good; or whenever we did something for others or for them; or even just seeing us after quiet some time. We are all fond of flattering and bring flattered.
However if somebody comes and notices anything, or comments on to something we did, our default is to reason out and defend ourselves which often leads to us being frustrated and soon be-friend them.

In the time of Jehoshaphat, in our reading, we could see that they were looking for a prophet to inquire to God whether they would go and attack at Ramoth Gilead. Knowing that there was one prophet in the name of Micaiah who was of God's, Ahab does not want him for he never prophesied anything good about him(Ahab). Upon inquiring to Micaiah, he told them that they are being deceived by other spirits who is telling them to go. Because of the words he said, he was returned back to Amon and Johash and was sentenced to be imprisoned. Ahab died in that battle and Jehoshaphat was rescued by God's hand.

As you can see, there are three kinds of person in the story:
Are you like Micaiah? Telling and prophesying what is the truth and standing firm on it. 
Are you like Ahab? Taking only from the Lord what's pleasing and what will benefit you?
Are you like Jehoshaphat? Knowing what is the truth yet, still chose that of the majority?
Whoever you are among these, pray to the Lord that all the works of your hands are glorifying to Him and to Him alone.

PRAY. God loves you. 

Photo by: Lot Casquejo