Take Heart: Breakthrough In Brokenness

And we prayed to our God and set a guard as a protection against them day and night. (Nehemiah 4:9)

At this instance, in the book of Nehemiah chapter 4, Nehemiah and the builders working along with him were in the progress of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. However, there were oppositions whose anger was aroused knowing what they were up to.

People who were against them would despise them questioning what they were doing, and would plot to come and fight against them. What is admirable was Nehemiah and his men's response to those existing opposition. They would pray to God and post a guard day and night.

At this moment of our lives, I believe that if not all, many of us are some point in the process of healing or reconstruction. We have been through a breaking juncture where we were devastated and shattered.

Recuperating may be a long course, but it is reachable. Being whole again may seem to take too much time, but it is possible.

Threats will be along the way. The enemy will surely feed us with slanders.

But, we have to take heart. We have to lift our prayers to the God who listens and turns things into realization. We have to have ourselves and our hearts guarded wearing the full armor of God.

Victory is attainable. Brothers and sisters in Christ, that brokenness will soon be a breakthrough!