Living Holy Lives


Exodus 19-24


Specially now, we are reading the whole the book of bible in the viewpoint of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, The book of Exodus displays how the Lord is going to make His Kingdom. The main factors that consists a nation are the people, land, and sovereignty in the law. The Lord chooses Abraham to make a people, named Israelite, and He brought them out from Egypt to give a land, and now the Lord sets the law that they can live as people of God.

These chapters in the book of Exodus19-25 describe the law, which is called The Covenant at Sinai. The famous Ten Commandments are found in chapter 20. That describes the relationship between God and man from first to the fourth command, and the rest recounts the relationship between men , from the sixth to the tenth command. This law summarizes the 613 commandments in the book of the Bible, and this law was again described in the book of Deuteronomy 5:6-21.

While we read these chapters 19-24, may we find out what our God wants for us, particularly, in Exodus 20:22- 23:33 wherein the Lord recounts how sacred we are in our society. Even we have sinful character, our Lord wants us to be holy, distinguish from any of unclean things. This is the very question for you and me, on how shall we be holy even though we have a sinful character, knowing that our Lord want us to be holy.

Photo by: Pixabay