Submission To The King of Kings

Read: Leviticus 21-27

In Ch 21-24, we can find the regulations for the priests, the offerings and the annual feasts, and the punishment for blasphemy, murder, etc.

Though we can find in these chapters the rules regarding priesthood, after Jesus came into the world, everyone who accepts Jesus as their Christ and Lord, they all become part of the priesthood (holy) through Jesus Christ. Therefore, these regulations has to be kept not only by the Israelite priests but also to those who believe and accept the name of Jesus as their Lord of their lives.

As for the Sabbath Year, the Jubilee, the land tenure and the reforms for slavery(Ch.25), those things only mean that all people who live in this world have been given the privilege (not a right) to live.

 And in these chapters we can find the blessings and curses for covenant obedience and disobedience(Ch.26).

The blessings from God is to experience peace without any worry while living in this world.

Because of this, man has the responsibility in keeping it or not.

If they do not keep His laws, there will be a curse (7 times), if they still do not keep those laws, curses to be experienced are seven-fold.

We should remember these.

In here, there also regulations for the offerings vowed unto the Lord.(Ch.27)

It pertains to the relationship with God on how they should serve Him.

Photo by: Joseph Ruwa