Faith vs Fear

Strong winds, storms, they are given by God to test our Faith. How strong and founded our faith is, for if it’s built on solid rocks, not even the rain, strong winds and floods can shake us.
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Read: Matthew 14:22-27

“Immediately, He made the disciples go into the boat, and go before Him into the other side, while He dismissed the crowds” (Matthew 14:22)

HE made his word that they will make it.

HE made them go into the storm. 

And He Knew that it was a bad time to cross over. In fact the bible says, that He went out into the mountain and pray. That means He never took His eyes OFF them.

“and after He had dismissed the crowds, He went up into the mountain by himself to Pray. When evening came, He was there alone. But the boat this time was a long way from the land, beaten by the wind, for the wind was against them.” (Matthew 14:23-24)

Wind = trials of life

It could be financial situation that you never went to get up side down in; the depression and despair; feelings that are telling us to curse God and die; and give up of any hope of making it to the other side.

We can see that Jesus did stop the wind, but He did not stop what was working against them.

 “and in the fourth night He went to them walking on the sea” (Matthew 1:25)

Jesus waited on the 4th watch of the night, the Darkest time. He waited until they had rode 4-5 miles against the wind. And then He showed up not when they wanted Him. He showed up not just to stop the wind, but to show them, that during this time, when their opponent is on its strongest, He showed to them in Flesh 

"for in the beginning is the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God," (John 1:1)

And He was for you and is strongest among all.

We are standing right now because we have His word, not because the wind stop, but because the word came and is dwelling among us.

It is Wind vs. Word.

It's what you feel vs. what you know.

It’s what you're going through vs. what He did for you.

So which one do you think will win? The wind or the word?

Now they have His word, and there is the wind.

The wind doesn’t stop because the word showed up. The absence of the storm is not the proof of the presence of the Lord.

Yet here comes the word of God showing up in the bad time, and when He walks towards them, it’s interesting because their first impulse is fear.

So, a lot of times, the proof that God is in our situation isn’t that we don’t feel any fear, we can saw this in the next verse:

“But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, "It is a ghost!” and they cried out in fear” (Matthew 14:26)

Let us remember that Jesus is the word. So the WORD is walking and the disciples saw Him. Remember that Jesus is the Word. And when He went walking, the first thing that happens is that sometimes it will make us more afraid because we don’t know how in the world this will all work out, so it’s easier sometimes to go with fear.

So now the proof that the presence of God in here is not a good feeling:

"But immediately He spoke to them saying, "take Heart and it is I. Do not be afraid" (Matthew 14: 27)

So Jesus, being the word, as we read on the passage, reminded us to not be afraid; not to surrender to trials or whatever it is that we’re facing especially during this trying times.

He wants us to Focus our eyes on Him for He will forever be with us.

Strong winds, storms, they are given by God to test our faith.. how strong and founded our faith is. For if it’s built on solid rocks, not even the rain, strong winds and floods can shake us.

Photo by: Jaime Legaspino